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New York Half-Hour:

Last night went bar-hopping with friends, and with Boris. He amazes me how well he behaves. First place had lots of couches and we were all eating. He sat on the couch next to me and without even watching him, didn't move at all. The waitresses brought him over a plate of carrots and he was in heaven.

In the last week, I've given directions to no less than 3 people every day. How does this happen???

We've had such great weather lately. Been in the park for hours a day, chattering and watching Boris play. Things just calm and quiet all around. Fall is my favorite season.

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Ok I swore off religious debate just a few hours ago, but I've gotten too many of this same question presented to me in e-mail and on blogs, so one more thing, especially for Blake who sent me a lovely email, the question being:

I don't understand people who say that "this is what I believe, and it only applies to me." IF this is the case, then we have a world where there are no rights and no wrongs, because everyone's views only apply to themselves.

So here's my answer:

I am happy in my view, even if it doesn't agree with yours and even if I may ultimately be proven wrong. We just don't know the right answer, may never know, or may not know until we die. Thus, because the question of who is ultimately right will likely not be known to us in our lifetimes, my beliefs need not be held by you, we can hold inconsistent beliefs and consider that it's OK to agree to disagree.

As for what is absolutely right or wrong (I think this may be part of what I missed in answering Russ's questions), I don't see why it is imperative that there be absolutes all the time. There are some, perhaps. Certainly there are those that we all agree on when we live in civilized society. There are rules (otherwise known as laws) we agree to abide by whether or not we believe them to be right or wrong. For example (trying to pick a non-controversial one here), if I believe that it is wrong and evil to drink alcohol based upon my religious point of view (which some religions do), should that mean that the entire rest of the world should not drink alchohol? Why should I have the right to dictate that? More importantly why should my religion have the right to dictate that, particularly in light of my above comments about knowing who is right?

So in a sense, yes, there are no absolute personal rights or wrongs and I am not troubled by that. We can live with each other because we come together, form governments, and set forth the rules. There are countries in this world that separate religion and state. There are some that don't. For me they are seperate, and I am lucky enough to live in a country that, at least in it's government and laws, abides religious differences.

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That said, the religious debate portion of this blog is officially closed. Please conduct yourselves accordingly.

This has been a public service announcement.

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Nothing feels better than a new mouse. Especially after the old one wrecked your wrist.
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Ok Russ, you want answers? Here they are.
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For the first time the phrase worth the load time is actually true. You really must look at this photo.
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Here ya go, the sick and twisted right there for your reading displeasure. Wonder if Brooks is behind this one?
Link via sensible erection (of all places).

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All the insanity is finally dying down. I really didn't go outside for any of it. I did watch some on SciFi though. Funny to be watching what's going on 1/2 block away from you live on TV. I guess I've become jaded about the whole thing really. I used to go when I was in law school. But that was ....GASP.... 10 years ago or so. It was different then. Less of an tourist attraction and more of a neighborhood event.

Commercialization just ruins everything really. A subject I've been meaning to rant about for some time. We all know how commercialization has ruined the web, so I'll stay away from that hotbed of annoyance here. I'll focus on commercialization of the small things in life. You love a place, a thing, an idea, and then all of a sudden it's ruined by it's popularity.

Example 1: When I was in law school, we used to go to this little dive on Houston Street every night almost. I'd go with Clark and Emilio and we'd sit and have a few beers, talk with the Irish bartender, and play the name game while listening to the great selection of jukebox music. Then one day, this paper called the New York Press wrote that OUR particular dive was the "best bar in SoHo." Funny, cause it wasn't really in SoHo, just on the south side of Houston Street (SoHo here is short for "South of Houston"). Nevertheless, within a week it went from our nice quiet hangout to 5 girls in a bathroom the size of a single stall sniffing coke and no room to move. Time to find a new place, eh? So sad.

Example 2: This is the one irritating me to no end now. There is a wonderful "gourmet" market a few blocks from here. Very old, established place that hasn't changed for years and years. Now they've "expanded" -- opening another location in another neighborhood in the City. And the quality of everything there is suffering because of it. Changing everything around to suit the tastes of the entirely different neighborhood (much fancier than where I am) and my nice local store is suffering. Just hate it. This is actually becoming a pattern around here lately. Everything great and unique and wonderful about downtown is branching into chain like stores and moving uptown. With every expansion, quality suffers. Worse, the uniqueness is diluted.

Some part of me never imagined that the Halloween Parade could become part of this vast commericalization conspiracy. But it has and it sucks.

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It's like the calm before the storm here. The police are setting out the barricades, there are a few people walking around in blue afro wigs, but otherwise a normal afternoon down here. After 4 I won't be able to leave the house though. BAH!
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It is so nice to find that old favorites are not only alive, but kicking as well. Tonite I learned that James Brolin was once married to Jan Smithers. How weird is that?
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Working on my resume tonite. Kinda eerie how you can summarize 15 years of your life in a page and a half.
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Ok see now I'm really in trouble. Not only am I addicted to the Sims, I'm now in the business of making wallpapers and floor tiles. Oy!
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Dammit dammit dammit. This World Series thing just has to end. Dumb fucking parade preempting General Hospital. BAH!
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Oh we had such a blast at the pug party. I won't post any photos here on the blog, but you can look at a bunch of them on Boris' website. Do any of you lovely loyal readers have a pug? If not, you ought to get one if you are thinking of getting a dog. Really, as nutty as I seem about Boris, there are people out there that are so much worse about their pugs. They inspire such love.

And while I'm here, I ought to tell you how much I am dreading Haloween. Everywhere else but here, it is a happy holiday with kids and costumes and candy. Here, it is a rowdy and bizarre parade, with all the vandalism, public peeing, and all the noise that goes along with it. Bah! Looking forward to barricading myself in with Boris and the kitties. Besides, it's COLD outside.
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Daylight savings time freaks me out.

Now this referrer takes the cake.

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