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01/12/00 (Day 24)

She took me to the park today.  It was very exciting because there was a reporter there and I got my picture taken to be in the newspaper.  It must be because I'm so cute.  She was telling her friends that I might be in the newspaper on Saturday.  I hope so, that would be cool.   I'll let you all know if it happens.

01/06/00 (Day 23)

Whew its been a long time since I've made an entry here.  She doesn't let me near the computer as much as she used to.   She had all these people here for New Years and they were all excited and happy.   Something about a Y2K thing.  Life's good these days.  Lots of time at the dog run, but its very cold outside.  Good thing she's not sticking me in any sweaters or anything.

11/19/99 (Day 22)

I am finally recovered from you know what.  She's been taking me to the park a lot and today I played with that nice Rotweiller who defends me from the other mean dogs at the dog run.  Its getting colder outside so we don't stay out as long as we used to.  The big cat seems to be warming up to me a little bit.  He doesn't hit me quite so much as he used to and today he let me lick his ear. 

11/10/99 (Day 21)

Boy its been a busy week.  I went to Pug Hill again with her.  She took some pictures which you can see if you want.  Then I had a Bar Mitzvah -- how much fun that was.  There are also pictures of that.  And then I went to the vet had surgery in a place that I don't want to talk about.  That was not fun at all.  I've been so tired.

10/30/99 (Day 20)

I was in a Halloween Pug Parade today.   You can see my costume if you want.  I didn't win anything, but she seemed really happy and all looking at me in my costume.  It was fun though.  I saw a lot of other pugs and I like that.

10/27/99 (Day 19)

My best friend Moo Shoo was at the park today!!!!  I haven't seen him in a long time.  We played for a long time and it was soooooooo much fun.  I got a bath afterward.  I really needed one.  I was stinky.

10/24/99 (Day 18)

We went to Pug Hill yesterday.   There were only 3 other pugs there, but I still had fun.  Then we walked through Central Park for a while and wound up back at the dog run.  I was so tired I slept for the whole rest of the day.  Today she was gone for a long time and we went back to the dog run but it was dark by then.

10/21/99 (Day 17)

I didn't get to go to the park today.   She was away for a long time again.  I wonder where she goes. 

10/18/99 (Day 16)

She's home!  She's home!  She's home!  SHE'S HOME!!!!!!!!!!!!  And oh yeah, I beat up a Rotweiller today.   Really, I did.  I'm the king of the dog run.

10/12/99 (Day 15)

She's been gone for almost 4 days now. I wonder if she's ever coming back. Aunt Lizy is great, but something is not the same.

10/7/99 (Day 14)

There are all these bags around and she's putting her stuff into them.  I keep hearing the word vacation a lot, but I'm not sure what it means.  She's been awful nice today.  Aunt Lizy came to the park with us.  I had a lot of fun with my friends but I wonder why she was there. 

10/5/99 (Day 13)

Today didn't start off so great cause she took me to the vet.  Yucky.  But later we went to the dog run and WOW was it fun.  I played with some of my Golden Retreiver friends and then a Weimeraner and then my best buddy Moo Shoo.  She let me stay for almost 2 hours.  I should have been really tired after that, but I was pumped.  I think she added some pictures from today to the Pictures section of my website.  I love showing off like that. 

10/4/99 (Day 12)

I've got a bad cold and I feel awful.   All that sneezing and coughing is making me so tired.  She's been letting me sleep on her lap all night and in the morning.  It makes me feel better.  I really took a beating from the big cat today.  I do not like him at all.

9/28/99 (Day 11)

I had a great time in the park today.   I played with my friends and ate some sticks.  The little black ball was following me around the apartment today.  I'm starting to wonder.

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